About Project Admin Center

About Project Admin Center

The Project Admin Center Project Admin gives a Project Administrator access to setup details that are specific to a Project as opposed to the company-wide settings found in the Client Admin Center . On the Home Page of the Project Admin Center, you have the ability to set specific Project Preferences related to contract sales, sales rep email notifications, and project details such as time zone and currency. Also, View Registration Page Code that your web developer will need to integrate your Registration (Contact Us) Page with Lasso.

Access the Project Admin Center by clicking on the three buildings with red roofs icon Project Admin and selecting your project from the dropdown.


Under the Project Setup icon in the Project Admin Center, you have access to:

  • Components – Access Inventory Component details such as type (e.g. Building, Phase), Rescission Period, Tax Information, Deposit Bond Company, and Address
  • Component Settings – Add Direction and Floor Plate selections as additional basic inventory unit information (To do this, please contact your Client Director.)
  • Inventory Permissions – Manage accessibility to inventory units for specific Users
  • Inventory Settings – Add information pertaining to inventory including Areas related to Options and Upgrades, Deposit Accounts, Deposit Bond Companies, Escrow Companies, and Lender Companies
  • Options and Upgrades – Add custom detail selections for units in the contract process
  • Question Setup – Associate or unassociate questions to and from specific projects
  • Registrant Settings – Create descriptors to categorize Registrants and determine which step they're at in any given Marketing or Sales Process
  • Sales Process – Define set of actions to assist reps through initial and ongoing contact with Registrants
  • Sales Reps – Change or add information pertaining to sales reps, and include them in sales rotation for assignment of online registrants
  • Self Serve Registrant Updates – Create custom email to survey Registrants or allow them to update their own information
  • Website Analytics – Set up tracking to display which sites prospects are coming from and to monitor registrant website activity