About Components

About Components

If your Project has multiple phases or building types (e.g. apartment buildings and townhomes), and you would like to manage the inventory for each separately but within the same database, you can set up Components. Once these Components are set up for a Project, Lasso Users logging into the Inventory Center Inventory Center of that Project will see multiple tabs - one for each Component. Each tab will contain the units of the individual phase or building type, and sales and other inventory detail reporting will be by Component only. This does not affect the Registrant database in the Sales Center, which does not distinguish between Components.

Components are set up in the Project Admin Center Project Admin and allow a Project Administrator to add a Component to a project, as well as change current Component details. Along with general information about the Component including Name, Component Type, and Inventory Type, the following can be added:

  • Rescission Period
  • Deposit Bond Company
  • Property Tax
  • Property Tax Date
  • Address

To Access Components:

1 - Click into the Project Admin Center Project Admin.
2 - Click on Project Setup and select Components.

Note: You must have a Project Administrator Role and Components Permissions to access this area.

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