About Options/Upgrades in Project Admin Center

About Options/Upgrades in Project Admin Center

Options and Upgrades are set up in the Project Admin Center Project Admin under Inventory Settings and are used to add to contracts in the Inventory Center. Options as well as Option Packages can be created and, along with Price, can include Cost, Supplier, Parts, and Model information. To specify particular Options in Option Packages, you must first add the Options and, prior to associating Suppliers to Options, you need to add each Supplier. The Options and Upgrades that are created provide an Inventory Administrator with selections to be used when completing the Options and Upgrades details of a contract.

To Access Options/Upgrades in Project Admin Center:

1 - Click into the Project Admin Center Project Admin.
2 - Click on Project Setup and select Options and Upgrades.

Note: You must have a Project Administrator Role and Options and Upgrades Permissions to access this area.

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