View Registration Page Code

View Registration Page Code

The Registration Page Code found in the Project Admin Center Project Admin provides your web developer with the scripts and values they will need to integrate your Registration (Contact Us) Page with Lasso. Using the coding provided, along with the technical instruction contained in the guide to Integrating Registration (Contact Us) Page with Lasso, your Registration Page can be programmed to feed online submissions to your project in Lasso. Please contact your Client Director for assistance.

1 - Click into the Project Admin Center Project Admin.
2 - On the Project Admin Center Home Page, click on View Registration Page Code.


3 - This brings up a window containing code for the following:

  • Client ID
  • Project ID
  • LassoUID
  • Source Type Values
  • Secondary Source Type Values
  • Rating Values
  • Question and Answer Values

4 - Note that there are two tabs available in this window – Names & Values and Fields & Values. Click on Names & Values for an easily readable version of the code and click on Fields & Values for a more technical version.