Update/Edit Follow-up Process Option

Update/Edit Follow-up Process Option

1 - Click into the Project Admin Center Project Admin.
2 - Click on Project Setup and select Registrant Settings.

3 - Click on the Follow-up Process tab.

Follow-up Process

4 - Double-click on the Follow-up Process you want to change and edit as desired.


5 - Click Save.

Note: A red triangle in the upper left corner of an entry indicates the item has not been saved. Once it’s been saved, the red triangle will disappear.

Warning: Editing a Follow-up Process Option will permanently change  the information for all associated Registrant Details and Reports. Any Follow-up Process Options that are edited will be updated wherever they are used throughout Lasso, including Registrant Details and related Reports. If you wish to keep any record of old Follow-up Process Options, create new ones instead of editing existing types.