About Registrant Secondary Source Types

About Registrant Secondary Source Types

Secondary Source Types are similar to Source Types in that Users can define a custom list with which to identify and categorize Registrants. The main difference is that Secondary Source Types are Project-specific (list is created for each project) whereas Source Types are Client-specific (list is created for use on ALL projects).

Secondary Source Types are created in the Project Admin Center Project Admin and are unique to each project. Once created, Secondary Source Types can be used in conjunction with Source Types to further define the origin or type of Registrant in your database.

For example, a User imports two lists of Registrants into the database from different sources. The Source Type would be Import for both lists while the Secondary Source Type could be Condo List Jan 26 and New Home Buyers List Dec 12. Secondary Source Types could also be used to identify types of Registrants by creating categories such as Realtor or Investor. This is a fairly flexible field to be used in whatever way it can best facilitate marketing efforts.

To Access Registrant Secondary Source Types:

1 - Click into the Project Admin Center Project Admin.
2 - Click on Project Setup and select Registrant Settings.

3 - Click on the Secondary Source Types tab.

Secondary Source Types

Note: You must have a Project Administrator Role and Registrant Settings Permissions to access this area.

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