About Sales Rep Rotation

About Sales Rep Rotation

The Sales Rep Rotation feature allows Project Administrators to set up automatic email notifications for Sales Reps as soon as someone signs up on the Project website. More than one Sales Rep can be placed In Rotation, and online Registrants are assigned in an alternating manner. There should always be at least one Sales Rep in rotation so that new Online Registrants are immediately assigned to a rep. If there are no reps in rotation, these Registrants will go into the Unassigned Registrants list on the Sales Center home page.

There are two ways to set up rotation:

  • a single registration page for a single project
  • multiple registration pages for a single project

When there are multiple registration pages, a page identifier (set up in Lasso) must be added to the code on each page to ensure rotation is applied. If this identifier is missing or incorrect, Sales Reps in rotation will not be notified and registrations will go to the Unassigned Registrants list, as they would if no rotation was in place. Setup in Lasso allows for both single registration page and multiple page rotations to be applied simultaneously. Setting up both should be standard practice when there are multiple pages as the single page rotation setup then acts as a default if there is an error with a page identifier.

For example:

There is one registration page on the project website and another on an online home listing service such as A page identifier has not been placed on the New Home Source site registration page. In Lasso, the single page rotation is set up to notify the Sales Manager as a default. The multiple page rotations are set up to notify the appropriate Sales Reps.

Because the identifier is missing from the home listing service site, the Sales Rep(s) in rotation for that page will not receive notification of new Registrants. However, the Sales Manager will be alerted because of the default setup. If no default was in place, Registrants signing up on that page would go to the Unassigned Registrants list and no one would receive notification.

To Access Sales Rep Rotation:

1 – Click into the Project Admin Center Project Admin.
2 – Click on Project Setup and select Sales Reps.

3 – Click on the Sales Rep Rotation tab.

Sales Reps

Note: You must have a Project Administrator Role and Sales Reps Permissions to access this area.

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