About Online Sales Counselor (OSC)

About Online Sales Counselor (OSC)

The Internet has significantly impacted the way that people shop for homes today and the sales process must adapt accordingly. Prominent new home sales coach and consultant Mike Lyon ( espouses the benefits of implementing the Online Sales Counselor (OSC) as a way to multiply your leads to sales conversions rapidly and resourcefully.

What is an Online Sales Counselor?

The Online Sales Counselor is a sales person who is dedicated to handling all leads coming from your project website. Using technology, e-mail and phone skills, they qualify leads, set appointments, and effectively communicate your message to prospective buyers who begin shopping for a home online.

Why should you have an OSC?

The OSC immediately responds to an online registration, thus wasting no precious time in engaging a potential buyer. They can answer questions and provide information on everything from the builder, the neighborhood, and the available home plans to the home buying process and current incentives and offers. They qualify the lead and tenaciously follow up to set an appointment with an onsite sales agent. This frees the onsite sales agent to focus on walk-in traffic and current deals. With the lengthy list of responsibilities agents have for each home they sell, having the OSC manage online leads allows agents to concentrate on the buyers at their doorstep.

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