FAQs - Lasso Centers

FAQs - Lasso Centers

There are five main Centers in Lasso - Mail, Client Admin, Project Admin, Inventory, and Sales. When Users log into the Home Page, they will see the icons only for those centers to which they have access.

 Mail Center

The Mail Center is fully integrated, giving you access to three main areas that provide you with an all-in-one tool to seamlessly manage your communication.

Access the Mail Center by clicking on the Mail button after logging in. Functionality includes:

  • Email - Sending and receiving email
  • Calendar - Appointments and to-do lists
  • Contacts - Address Book containing personal contacts as well as Lasso Registrants

Admin Client Admin Center

The Client Admin Center allows you to manage user accounts, registrant questions, Lasso terminology, client-wide settings, and news postings as well as define specific business rules.

Access the Client Admin Center by clicking on the globe icon. Functionality includes:

  • Adding users
  • Changing user passwords
  • Giving users access to specific functionality
  • Disabling user login access to Lasso or specific projects
  • Adding and editing registrant questions and answers
  • Enabling/disabling questions from displaying in the Sales Center
  • Adding and editing Rating Types, Source Types, Activity Types, and History Types
  • Performing a client-wide merge of registrant duplicates
  • Renaming Lasso terms to suit your specific business needs
  • Creating custom fields for use in Sales or Inventory Centers
  • Posting client-wide messages that you’d like Lasso users to see when they log in

Project Admin Project Admin Center

The Project Admin Center gives a Project Administrator access to setup details that are specific to a project as opposed to the company-wide settings found in the Client Admin Center.

Access the Project Admin Center by clicking on the three buildings with red roofs icon. Functionality includes: 

  • Posting project-related messages that you’d like Lasso users to see when they log in, e.g. project launches
  • Adding available options and upgrades custom details for units in the contract process
  • Managing preferences associated to a project such as rescission periods, tax rates, currency, logos, duplicate email address registrations, and back-dating of inventory contract dates
  • Associating or unassociating questions to and from specific projects
  • Managing accessibility to inventory units for specific users 
  • Creating descriptors to categorize registrants and determine which step they are at in any given marketing or sales process
  • Defining an automated sales process to assist reps through initial and ongoing contact with Registrants
  • Changing or information pertaining to sales reps, and including them in sales rotation for assignment of online registrants
  • Creating custom email to survey registrants or allow them to update their own information via Self Serve Registrant Updates
  • Setting up website tracking to display which sites prospects are coming from and to monitor registrant website activity

inventoryadminicon Inventory Center

The Inventory Center allows the User to manage aspects of purchaser information including assigning purchasers and entering contract details, updating pricing, managing deposits, entering sales projections, and viewing reports.

Access the Inventory Center by clicking on the single tower icon and selecting your project. Functionality includes:

  • Adding and editing inventory
  • Managing unit pricing, including revisions, premiums, and discounts
  • Assigning purchasers, sales reps, and realtors to units of inventory
  • Entering contract dates
  • Entering deposits
  • Adding options and upgrades
  • Adding parking and storage information
  • Recording notes
  • Cancelling or reassigning deals
  • Accessing sales and other inventory-related reports


salescentericon Sales Center

The Sales Center gives the User with a Sales Manager or Sales Rep Role the ability to manage registrants and activities, import existing lists of contacts, create email templates, send mass mail, and track media costs.

Access the Sales Center by clicking on the house with a blue roof icon and selecting your project. Functionality includes:

  • Adding and editing registrants
  • Recording registrant contact, follow-up, and other detailed information
  • Adding relationships between registrants and realtors, spouses, etc.
  • Managing sales activities and appointments
  • Creating custom lists of registrants
  • Creating email templates
  • Sending mass mails
  • Accessing traffic and other registrant-related reports