Implementation - Lead Source Data Capture Process

Implementation - Lead Source Data Capture Process

Lasso allows you to feed data from various online home listing sites directly into your project database. For example, if your project is listed on sites such as,, or, the registrant data from these sites can be automatically added to your project via a dedicated FTP site. The manner in which the data is captured is as follows:

BDX Process

Data from the Lead Source will automatically populate for each Registrant in Lasso as follows:

  • Source Type – The Source Type will come in as Online Registration.
  • Secondary Source Type – The Secondary Source Type, for the purposes of Lead Source data capture, is defined as the original source of the data, i.e. the website on which the registrant submits a form. For example,,, and are all sites where registrant data can be coming from and the Secondary Source Type for each Registrant will indicate this.
  • Rating – The Rating will be N to denote a New Registrant.
  • Questions and Answers – The Questions section of the Registrant Profile will display the answers as submitted by the Registrant on the home listing site.

Please note:

  • Duplicate Registrants cannot be merged due to the inability to merge answers for a single question. For example, if a registrant submits a form indicating interest in a 1-bedroom in the $300,00-350,000 range and submits another form indicating interest in a 2-bedroom in the $450,000-500,000 range, one set of data for these questions would be lost if the registrant was merged.
  • If a Registrant that was submitted to the Lasso database via a home listing site is being assigned to a subsequent project, please ensure that prior  to assignment, the lead source questions for the original project are also associated to the subsequent project. If the questions are not associated to the subsequent project, the Registrant's Lead Source answers in the original project will not be reflected in the subsequent project.

If you are interested in implementing this service, please email for more information.