Add Registrants to Groups via Registrant List

Add Registrants to Groups via Registrant List

1 - In the Sales Center Sales Center, pull up a registrant list.
2 - Click Select All above the list to select everyone or check the boxes beside the names of the registrants you want to update.
3 - Mouse over Perform Action above the list and select Groups - Add to in the dropdown.

4 - A new window will pop up. The name of the registrant list as well as the number of registrants that were selected will be displayed. Ensure that this is correct before proceeding.

Note: To preview the list of registrants, click on View Registrants.

5 - To add the registrants to an existing group, check the box beside the appropriate group name. To add the registrants to a new group, type the name of the group in the space provided.  

6 - Click Save.

7 - A message will pop up saying that the action is in progress. Click Close Window.

The registrants will be added to the group and the group will be checked in Groups under the Sales Details section of each registrant profile.