Implementation - Project Setup

Implementation - Project Setup

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Getting Started

The first step towards setting up a project in Lasso is to complete the documents sent to you by your Client Director. They are available for download at the bottom of this article and are as follows:

1Lasso Implementation Checklist – basic information about your project 
2Lasso User Account List – names and details of those who will need access to the project on Lasso

Please contact your Client Director if you have any questions about either document.

Initial Setup

Working with your Client Services Director, the following items need to be set up in Lasso:

  • User Permission Presets
  • Users
  • Sales Rep Rotation
  • Sales Processes
  • Registration Page and Qualifying Questions
  • Registrant Settings (e.g. Ratings, Source Types, History Types, Activity Types, Relationships)
  • Website Tracking (if applicable)
  • System Terminology Maps (if applicable)

Importing Data

If you have contacts and/or inventory to import, there are templates you’ll need to download from Lasso. Your Client Director will work with your project team for both the download of the templates and subsequent upload/import into Lasso to ensure everything is complete. The format of the templates must be strictly adhered to in order to ensure a clean data import.

Import templates are provided in Lasso for the following:

  • Registrants
  • Inventory (if applicable)
  • Outside Realtors (if applicable)
  • Lasso Users

Requirements for Registrant, Inventory, Outside Realtor, and User imports:

  • The required format for importing contacts (registrants), inventory, outside realtors (brokers), and users into Lasso is a CSV (Comma Separated Values) flat file, i.e. each row contains one unique record with all data associated to that record in a single row.
  • Associated data for each unique record should include only the data that is to be imported into Lasso, i.e. only desired data.
  • If contact history is to be imported, it should be in a separate file and contain person IDs matching person IDs in the contacts (registrants) file. 

Please note that contact history cannot be included in a registrant import. History imports require custom development and Lasso will need to assess the work effort to determine associated fees. Standard rates apply. 

Requirements for Contact History Import:

  • The required format for importing contact history is one row per unique history item.
  • Each history item must include the associated Contact's person ID that matches their person ID in the contacts (registrants) file.
  • The file cannot contain HTML.

If you have any questions on the import process, please contact your Client Director.

Lasso User Accounts

To access areas of Lasso, users must given specific roles with permissions related to the various functionality they will need to perform tasks within the application. Roles and permissions can be added to or removed as desired, depending on what is required for each user. Roles include Sales Rep/Sales Manager, Project Administrator, Client Administrator, and Inventory Manager (if using Lasso's Inventory module).

It is recommended that there be at least one user with a Sales Rep/Sales Manager that is in Sales Rotation. Users who are in rotation will be automatically assigned (in an alternating manner) prospects that register online. An email notification will be sent to the user each time they are assigned an online registrant.

Note: If your online form includes an auto-reply email, at least one user must be set up for rotation as the auto-reply email will be generated from the users that are in rotation.

Domain Authentication

In order to assist with improved deliverability of your mass email, Lasso requires your domain to be authenticated. Domain authentication identifies an email sender as legitimate to avoid the email being placed in a bulk or junk folder, or being completely blocked, by Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

You will need to work with your email administrator and add your domain to Lasso in order to initiate the domain authentication process. Once authentication has been initiated, Lasso must be notified so that the process can be completed. 

User Email Addresses

A project-specific email address (e.g. must be added for each user during setup. Prior to user setup, the domain for the email addresses must be added to Lasso. 

Connecting Online Form

Your Client Director will work with your web developer to link your project website's online form (registration page) to the Lasso database. A technical document will be provided to your web developer which contains IDs and values needed for programming. This registration page code can also be viewed in the Project Admin Center.

Online Form Questions and Answers

The questions and answers that are added to your online form (registration page) must also be added to Lasso so that the data can feed directly into the project database. You can also have additional questions such as qualifiers in Lasso that are not on your online form.

Your Client Director can set up initial questions for you but questions and answers can be added or edited at any time by a user with access to the Client Admin Center.


If you are using the Inventory Center, Lasso will program and upload contracts as a value-add service. Once your contracts are programmed and uploaded to a project's Inventory Center, they will auto-populate and can be then printed for sign-off. Our team will require your finalized contracts in Adobe PDF format, and will provide you with work-effort estimate, fees, and estimated timeline for completion.

Mass Mail Opt-in/Opt-Out Functionality

To ensure that your mass email reaches as many of your registrants as possible, and to comply with email regulations such as the Can-Spam Act, Lasso contains opt-in/opt-out functionality. There is a set of templates that will need to be created prior to a mass mail send-out. As part of the project setup, you’ll need to determine which Lasso user(s) will be given the permission to perform this function.

Six specialized templates are available in Lasso as follows:

  • Auto-Reply
  • Default Opt-in (sent automatically, e.g. online registration)
  • Mass Mail Opt-in
  • Content Block – Opt-out (Unsubscribe)
  • Subscription Page – Error
  • Subscription Page – Thank You
  • Subscription Page – Landing

Until an opt-out template is created, Lasso’s default opt-out template will be automatically attached to all outgoing mass emails. 

Logging into Lasso

1 - Connect to the Internet.
2 - Enter in the address of your Web browser.
3 - Enter your Username and Password.
4 - Click Log In.

This brings you to Lasso’s Home Page, which includes Lasso’s blogs, maintenance announcements, and news posted by your company’s Lasso Administrator. Depending on your user account permissions, you will be able to click on the following icons to access:

Lasso Administration Center Client Admin Center - Manage user accounts, customized lead and prospect information, registrant and project settings, and news postings as well as define specific business rules.
Project Administration Center Project Admin Center - Set project preferences, create sales processes, add inventory options and upgrades, manage sales rep assignment, and set up website tracking.
Inventory Administration Center Inventory Center - Manage contracts and inventory activity, store documents like floor plans and/or sales agreements, and monitor sales projections.
Sales Center Sales Center - Manage leads and prospects, create email templates, and schedule email blasts.
Communication Center Mail Center - Access email, calendar, and contact information.
Help Center Help Center - Access videos and step-by-step instructions on Lasso functionality.

If you have questions, please contact Lasso Support at:

Phone: 1.855.400.4564 (North America)