About Inventory Center Home Page

About Inventory Center Home Page

Manage your inventory and contracts from the Inventory Center Home Page.

  1. Lasso tab – Access the Mail Center and projects
  2. Inventory tab – Add, search, manage, import, and export inventory data
  3. Outside Realtors tab – Manage Outside Realtor commissions
  4. Project Settings tab – Add inventory settings such as plan types and storage
  5. Registrant tab – Add and search for Registrants
  6. Reports tab – Access reports on sales and other inventory details
  7. Sales Reps tab – Manage Sales Reps commissions
  8. User Preferences – Set your preferences related to email and display, as well as change your password
  9. Search bar – Search for specific inventory or registrants
  10. Downloads button – Access all export files
  11. Information icon – Access Help Center
  12. Component tabs – Access different inventory components if your project has more than one
  13. Inventory List – View list of inventory and click through to individual units
  14. Options and Upgrades – View total dollar amounts for options and upgrades
  15. Storage – View total dollar amounts for parking stalls and storage lockers
  16. Total Price Revisions and Total Premiums – View total dollar amounts
  17. Inventory Overview – View status of inventory
  18. Sales Rep Overview – View number of units that are Firm and Closed for each Sales Rep
  19. Outside Realtors – View number of units that are Firm and Closed for each Outside Realtor

Note: The functionality that you see and have access to in the Inventory Center will depend on the permissions that you have been given by your Lasso Administrator.