FAQs - Lasso Landing Page

FAQs - Lasso Landing Page

The Lasso Landing Page provides you with access to your Lasso Centers, including the Mail and Help Centers. The list of centers that you see depends on your user roles. Each project you have access to will be listed under the category headings of Sales Center, Inventory Center, and Project Admin. For example, if you have a sales, project admin, and inventory role on a project, you will see the project listed under each center. If you have only a sales role on a project, you will see that project listed under the Sales Center category only. To log into a specific project, click on the project name under the appropriate center. If you are a Client Administrator, you will also see the Client Admin Center in the list as well. The panel to the right of your project list is reserved for your company news.


1 – Access Mail Center – Access Lasso’s Mail Center where you can send and receive email messages

2 – Set user preferences – Change your password, set your default email address, and adjust settings related to what Sale Center Home Page views, activity alerts, and registrant searches

 Access Help Center – Access the Help Center that contains instructional videos and articles on how to use Lasso as well as tips and best practices

– Set activity timeframe – Set the timeframe for displaying the number of open activities for your assigned registrants

5View reporting dashboard – Click on the Dashboard tab to set and view various reports on the reporting dashboard

6Display reporting dashboard – Check the box to access the reporting dashboard

7 – Your open activities – Quickly see the number of Open Activities for your assigned registrants beside each project under Sales Center

8 - Company News – Read the News posted by your Lasso Administrator

– Access Centers - Access the various Lasso centers, including Sales, Project Admin, Inventory, and Client Admin (the list will depend on the roles you have been given)