About Setting Up Email Tracking (Recording Email History)

About Setting Up Email Tracking (Recording Email History)

Lasso gives you the ability to integrate your project email account with Lasso so that emails sent and received in your email client, e.g. Outlook, will log to registrant contact history in Lasso.

There are three methods of setting up your email client to record registrant history. The method you choose will depend on whether you want all emails to be scanned for history or a filtered list of emails to be scanned. The methods are as follows:

1 - Full Automation: All outgoing and incoming emails between sales reps and registrants are recorded in Lasso via

  • Advantage: Fully integrating your email with Lasso means that, once set up, it is completely automated and no manual intervention is needed to record your email communication with registrants in history.
  • Disadvantage:  If your corporate email policy prevents you from sending email messages to a third party vendor, you may want to consider looking into one of the other methods listed below.

2 - Email Alias: Create an alias for your email account and set it to send a copy to for all outgoing and incoming emails between sales reps and registrants. For example, your default account is Your alias could be

  • Advantage: Only the communication you send and receive via your alias account will be recorded in history. 
  • Disadvantage: This method requires you to select the email alias account as the From address when sending email. 

3 - Manual Tracking: Add to the BCC line when sending email to registrants. Then manually copy and paste email replies into history on the registrant profiles.

  • Advantage: You have full control of the email communication that you wish to record as history on the registrant profiles in Lasso.
  • Disadvantage: This method is completely manual as it requires you to copy and paste your email replies into history, and you are required to BCC on outgoing emails.

When are emails recorded?

When Lasso receives an email in, the To and From headers are scanned to determine if there is communication between a sales rep and registrant. If there is a match, the email is recorded as history. If there isn't a match, it is discarded immediately. 

Internal communication between sales reps is removed from history to avoid recording sensitive information. Lasso will check to see if the domain name of the sender and the recipient is the same. If it's a match, the history will be removed and will display as below. 


The following email clients can be integrated with Lasso: