Set Up Entourage Mac for Email Tracking

Set Up Entourage Mac for Email Tracking

1 - Start Entourage.

2 - On the Tools menu, click Accounts.


3 - To add a new account, choose New Mail from the Accounts menu.


 4 - In the Add new mail account dialog box, select IMAP from the Account Type menu.


5 - In the Account Settings dialog box, enter your account information:

Account Name: This should be how your account appears on the Accounts list.

Name: Your first and last name

E-mail Address: Your project email address

Account ID: Your Lasso user name

IMAP server: Name of Incoming Lasso mail server to be used -

Password: Your Lasso password

SMTP server: Name of Outgoing Lasso mail server to be used -

6 - Select the Click here for advanced sending options button to continue.


7 - Select the check-box beside SMTP server requires authentication. This will automatically select the option for Use same settings as receiving mail server.


8 - Click anywhere inside the box to continue, and then click OK.