About Registrant Profile

About Registrant Profile

Once a registrant has been added to the database, you can access their details at any time by viewing their registrant profile.

1 - Click into the Sales Center Sales Center.
2 - Find a registrant by using the search bar.

You will see two menu bars at the top of the page. The first row of menu items give you access to functionality related to your project while the second row of items specifically pertains to the registrant.

First row:

  1. Lasso – Access Lasso home page 
  2. Centers – Access Mail, Client Admin, Project Admin, Inventory, and Sale Center home pages
  3. Registrants – Add, search for, and import registrants; access registrant exports; manage duplicates; access realtor database (if applicable)
  4. Lists – Access and add custom lists and groups, and access built-in lists
  5. Reports – Access Sales Center reports such as traffic and history
  6. Marketing – Manage Email Templates, Campaigns, and Media Spend 
  7. Quick Search – Search for projects, roles, or registrants by typing the first few letters
  8. Help – Access the Help Center containing instructional videos and documentation
  9. User Preferences – Set your preferences related to email, language, time zone, and display as well as change your password

 Second row:


  1. Edit – Edit registrant details 
  2. History – Add contact history
  3. Note – Add note
  4. Mail – Send email
  5. Actions – Add activity, appointment, lawyer, or reservation; add a relationship between registrants; associate to a realtor (if using realtor database); associate to another project; store documents; integrate with other applications; print profile
  6. Project – Click on the project name to return to the Sales Center home page or click on the dropdown to go to another project
  7. Duplicates – View and manage duplicate registrants
  8. Settings – Show or hide data from other projects

The registrant details displayed on the page include basic contact information, Rating, Purchaser Status (if if using Purchaser Tracking and/or Inventory Center), Notes, Questions, Activities (Overdue, Upcoming, Today, and Completed), Appointments, Reservations, History, Follow-up Process, Source, Secondary Source, and assigned Sales Reps, Groups, Projects, Relationships, Realtors, and Inventory (if using Purchaser Tracking and/or Inventory Center) as well as an Audit Log. Most sections can be expanded or collapsed, depending on how much information you want to display. The sections that you choose to expand/collapse just before you move away from the page will remain expanded/collapsed when you return.