About Quick Search

About Quick Search

The Search box located at the top of the Lasso Home Page, Sales Center home page, and registrant profile allows you to quickly find projects, roles, and registrants. 

To search for a registrant, type the first few letters/digits of the registrant’s first or last name, nickname, company, email address, or phone number into the Search box. As you type, names that match the criteria you are entering will appear in a dropdown. Click on a name to go to the registrant profile.

Note: A percent sign (%) acts as a wildcard search. Enter % before your search criteria to search for all results with the criteria in the details.

To search for your projects or roles, type the first few letters of the project (or client if you are a Client Administrator) into the Search box. As you type, projects/centers you are assigned to that contain the letters you are typing will appear in a dropdown. Click on the project/center that you want to log into.


You can access the Advanced Search page from the Quick Search bar as well. After entering a few letters as above, select the Advanced search option that appears at the bottom of the dropdown list.