Add Relationship between Registrants

Add Relationship between Registrants

Note: The Registrants you are linking must both be in the database before adding the relationship.

1 - Click into the Sales Center Sales Center.
2 - Find one of the Registrants for whom you want to delete a Relationship by using the Search for Registrant function or pulling up a Registrant List and opening their Registrant Profile
3 - Click on Actions and select Relationship.


4 - On the Add Relationship screen, in the Search For bar, type at least 3 letters of the Registrant`s name (first or last) with whom you want to create the Relationship. If  there is a Company entry for the Registrant, you may search on the Company name as well.
5 - Select the appropriate name from the list that comes up. The selected name will appear to the right.

6 - Select a Relationship in the dropdown.

7 - Click Create Relationship.

The relationship will be listed in the Relationships section of the Registrant Profile. When two Registrants are linked via a Relationship, it will be displayed on both Registrant Profiles.

To go to the other Registrant’s Profile, click on the Registrant’s name in the Relationships section and click Go to profile.

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