Complete Activity from Registrant Profile

Complete Activity from Registrant Profile

1 - In the registrant profile, in the Activities section, click on the activity you want to complete.

Note: If the activity is not showing, expand each category by clicking on the heading to display the associated activities.


2 - If the activity is other than email or appointment, skip to Step #5.

a) If the activity is email, click on Compose email.

The Mail page will come up, including the email template that was selected when the activity was added. Please refer to Email from the Registrant Profile for instruction on sending.

Note: In order for the email to be recorded as History, you must  send it through Lasso or an email address that has been integrated with Lasso. If you click on Complete activity rather than Compose email, the activity will move to the Completed category but will not  record as history.

b) If the activity is an appointment, please refer to Complete an Appointment for instruction.

3 - For activities other than email, enter a Subject and add Comments if desired.

4 - If you would like to add the completed activity to the Notes section of the registrant profile, check the box beside Copy to Notes.

5 - Click Create history.


The activity will be listed in the History section and will move to the Completed category in the Activities section. If you selected Copy to Notes, it will also show as a note in the Notes section.


Note: When you complete an activity, the number in the category heading temporarily shows as orange to indicate the change.

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