About History

About History

Lasso provides a quick and easy method of tracking correspondence with Registrants. This functionality is called History because it is a history of the type of contact that has been made with a Registrant, such as phone calls, appointments, or emails. When adding history, use the Copy to Notes function to add the history details to the Notes section as well as the History section.

The most recent three History items are prominently displayed on the Registrant Profile. Click More or Less to expand or collapse the number of items showing. History items display the initials of Users who made the entries, if the entries were made by other than the logged-in user.

Note: Internal communication between sales reps is removed from history to avoid recording sensitive information. Lasso will check to see if the domain name of the sender and the recipient is the same. If it's a match, the history will be removed and will display as below. 



Note: History cannot be deleted.