About Assigning Purchase Details from Registrant Profile in Sales Center

About Assigning Purchase Details from Registrant Profile in Sales Center

Lasso Users can assign a Purchaser to a Unit of Inventory directly from a Registrant’s Profile in the Sales Center via the Assign Purchaser/Inventory button. Contract Dates as well as other Optional Dates can also be entered in the Sales Center via this functionality.

Clients who subscribe to the QuickStart Sales & Marketing edition of Lasso and consequently do not have access to the Inventory Center containing purchaser data can:

  • Record sales and contract dates. 
  • Access the Purchaser List in the My Lists section of the Sales Center Home Page. 
  • View Purchaser information in the Registrant Profile. 
  • View Purchaser information via the Purchaser List Report and the Prospect Purchaser Analysis Report (standard Lasso Reports). 
  • Utilize the Sales section of the Weekly Activity Report. 
  • Create custom lists of Purchasers based on Registrant Status 
  • Have custom reports created based on Purchaser data.

Clients who subscribe to the Professional edition of Lasso can:

  • Assign Purchasers and enter Contract Dates directly in the Sales Center rather than toggling between the Sales Center and the Inventory Center. 
  • Enter Contract information quickly. 
  • Maintain up-to-date information during the contract completion process as the Sales Rep can immediately assign Purchasers and/or enter relevant Dates rather than waiting for contract details to be processed by an administrator.

Your Inventory must be uploaded to the Inventory Center in order for you to use this functionality. Your Client Director will assist you so please contact Lasso for further information.

See Assign Purchase Details from the Registrant Profile in the Sales Center.