Add Reservation for Registrant

Add Reservation for Registrant

1 - In the registrant profile, click Actions and select Reservation.


2 - Complete the information for the following fields as applicable:

  • Selection number - This is a required field. 
  • Reservation number - This is a required field. 
  • Inventory - Select the Unit. This is applicable only if you have inventory uploaded to Lasso’s Inventory Center. Please note that the Inventory field is displayed here rather than the Unique ID field. 
  • Reservation date - Select a date, as well as an hour and time if applicable.
  • Reservation notes - Enter notes as needed.
  • Deposit amount - Enter a deposit amount if applicable.
  • Deposit date - Enter a deposit date if applicable.

3 - Click Create reservation.

The Reservation will be displayed in the Reservations section of the registrant profile, and will also be included in the Registrant Reservations Report.

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