Assign Purchase Details from Registrant Profile in Sales Center

Assign Purchase Details from Registrant Profile in Sales Center

Note: Your inventory must be uploaded to the Inventory Center  prior  to assigning to a purchaser. For more information, please contact your Client Director.

1 - In the registrant profile, click Actions and select Inventory.


2 – In the Assign Purchaser/Inventory window, click on the dropdown beside Inventory in the Purchaser Info section and select the unit that you want to assign to the purchaser.

3 – A Contract Info section for the selected unit will appear to the right, displaying the unit’s Unique ID and inventory number (in brackets) beside Inventory, and it will show the Sale Price below. 

Note: If there is already another purchaser assigned to the unit, they will be listed beside Other Purchaser(s). Clicking on a name listed will take you to that registrant’s profile. Any contract dates that were entered for other purchasers of the unit will be displayed in the Contract Dates and/or Optional Dates sections.

4 – In the Purchaser Info section, you can select the Purchaser Type, Purchase Reason, and Assigned date if you wish. These fields are optional.

5 – The registrant’s assigned sales rep(s) will be checked off in the Sales Reps section. You can check or uncheck the boxes beside the sales reps’ names as appropriate. Checking a box will assign the sales rep to both the registrant and the unit of inventory. Unchecking a box will unassign the sales rep from both the registrant and the unit of inventory.

6 – Contract Dates and Optional Dates are not required. If you do not need to record dates, click Save

7 – If you want to enter Contract and/or Optional Dates, click into the space beside the date(s) and select from the pop-up calendar.  

Note: If you are entering a Completion Date, you must check the Contract Accepted box first. If you enter an Acceptance Date that is in the future, you will be unable to check the Contract Accepted box.

8 – Click Save.


You will notice changes on the registrant profile:

a) In the Sales Details section, the Status of the registrant will change from Normal to Purchaser.
b) An Assigned Inventory section will appear, listing the newly assigned Unit. The Status of the Inventory will be dependent on the following:

  • Assigning a unit to a purchaser changes the unit status to Offer.
  • Entering a Contract Date and Acceptance Date and checking the Contact Accepted box changes the unit status to Firm or Firm(R), depending on if there is a Rescission Period.
  • Entering a Completion Date changes the unit status to Closed.

Note: If the Acceptance and Completion Dates entered are in the future, the unit status will change accordingly on those dates.