Set Up Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online for Email Tracking

Set Up Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online for Email Tracking

1 – Log in to Office 365.

2 – Go to the admin center. (Note: You must have admin permissions to access.)

3 – Under ADMIN, click Exchange. This will take you to the Exchange admin center.

 4 – In the Exchange admin center, click compliance management.

5 – In compliance management, select journal rules.

6 – Select the “+” to add a new journal rule.

7 – In the new journal rule window, in the Send journal reports to space, enter

8 – In the Name space, enter LassoCRM History – <username>, e.g. LassoCRM - Jane.

9 – In the If the message is sent to or received from… space, click on the dropdown beside A specific user or group… and select the user from the list.

10 – Click add and then ok.

11 – In the Journal the following messages… space, select External messages only.


Once successfully added, the user will appear in the journal rules list. Perform the above steps for each user.