About Aggregate Activity Summary

About Aggregate Activity Summary

The Aggregate Activity Summary in the Client Admin Center displays Activities and associated details for each Registrant, including whether or not the Activity has been completed. Lasso Client Administrators are able to filter the information by Activity Date, Completion DateProject, Rating, Source Type, Secondary Source Type, Registrant Status, Contract Preference, Activity Type, and Activity Completion Status.

Note: The Aggregate Activity Summary provides details on Activities rather than History. The two are different. Activities are created either automatically via the Sales Process or manually by the Lasso User. Once Activities are completed, they become History.  

As with other standard Lasso reports, the Aggregate Activity Summary can be exported to Excel.

To Access Aggregate Traffic Activity Report:

1 - Click into the Client Admin Center .

2 - Click on Reports.

3 - Click on List in the dropdown and select Aggregate Traffic Activity.

Note: You must have a Client Administrator Role and Report permissions to access this area.

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