Fresh Perspectives 2015: Get Into Green (June 2015)

Homebuyers, particularly women, are becoming more aware and educated about what makes a home safe for their families. In this 45-minute webinar with Marla Esser, learn why building green matters, how to easily incorporate green elements into new and existing communities, and how your sales staff can learn the “language of green” to sell the emotional value of energy-efficient and green features in homes.
Learning Objectives: 
  • The environmental, economic and social impacts of building green
  • What qualifies as “green” and where to get resources
  • First steps in building or adding green features
  • Learn the basics of a new language to talk to potential home buyers about your green and energy-efficient homes
  • Learn how to use the key phrases of this new language that will help you sell more houses faster

Download the webinar and presentation slides here.