Fresh Perspectives 2015: Sales Management by the Numbers (July 2015)

Are your sales consultants consistently selling at least one new home per week? If not, this is program for you.  Learn the formula for success from a Sales and Marketing Management Consultant who continues to walk in your shoes daily and who personally manages multiple sales teams from across the country to perform at this level. Kimberly Mackey discusses the following:
  • We will review the tasks your Sales Management Team needs to focus on to get you the highest ROI--$ALES.
  • Does your sales management team tell you that can’t get it all done? We will look at proven strategies to help them accomplish far more in less time.
  • By following these simple formulas, you can outpace the market, waste less on blanket advertising, and have the predictable sales pace you need in order to plan your business.
  • System is easy to follow, requires no expensive investment, is scalable to your business model, and is proven to succeed in all sorts of “challenging market environments.”

Download the webinar and presentation slides here.