Elevate Your Email Marketing (May 2016)

When marketers review their email stats and feel discouraged by low open and click-thru rates, they may conclude that email marketing is dying. The reality is that it’s still very much alive (emails sent on an annual basis continue to rise). The challenge is you’re competing against every other email in your prospect's inbox … and there’s a lot! Think about your own inbox and the emails you skip over versus the ones you open. Why do you open some and not others? Is it brand loyalty? The subject line? The sender? Is there something eye-catching about it? It could be some or all of these. There are ways to improve your results!

In this 45-minute webinar hosted by HomeStreet Bank, email marketing expert Dave Betcher will provide design guidelines along with rules for keeping your prospects engaged and interested in your message. Dave will share some tactics he has used to create successful community launch campaigns and event marketing campaigns. Even some ways to get your individual emails opened and read!

What will you learn?

  • The key to delivering a perfect email experience
  • Design elements that engage your recipients
  • Methods to improve the use of imagery
  • What your results will tell you and your next course of action

Download the webinar recording and presentation slides here.