Set Up Fields to Record Non-Resident Property Transfer Tax Information

Set Up Fields to Record Non-Resident Property Transfer Tax Information

1 - Log into the Client Admin Center.

2 - Click on System>Business Rules.

3 - Click on Custom Fields>Add Custom Field. 4 - Add four text fields as follows:

  • FINTRAC Document Type – Purchaser 1
  • FINTRAC Document Type – Purchaser 2
  • FINTRAC Issuing Jurisdiction – Purchaser 1
  • FINTRAC Issuing Jurisdiction – Purchaser 2

Note 1: If there are units in the project with more than two purchasers, you will need to add as many document type and issuing jurisdiction custom fields as necessary to accommodate each purchaser’s information.

Note 2: Starting each field with FINTRAC will ensure they are listed together for the user entering the data in the Inventory Center.


5 - Click on Business Rule Sets.

6 - If you have an existing Business Rule Set for the projects to which the Non-Resident Property Transfer Tax applies, click on it; if not, click on Add Rule Set.

Note: A Business Rule Set can be shared across projects but each project can have only one Business Rule Set.

7 - In the Assign Projects section, select the appropriate projects.

8 - In the Custom Fields>Inventory section, select the FINTRAC custom fields and Save.

9 - Log into the Inventory Center.

10 - Click on a unit and either Contract or Edit to ensure the custom fields have been added. They will be located under Additional Information.

11 - Hover over Project Settings and click on Purchase Reasons.

12 - IF  there are NO  Purchasers with existing Purchase Reasons, click on each existing Purchase Reason (defaults are Investment Property, Primary Residence, and Secondary Residence), and add the prefix ‘Resident - ’ to each. IF  there ARE  Purchasers with existing Purchase Reasons, DO NOT  update the existing Purchase Reasons but rather create new Purchase Reasons as in the next step. Otherwise, the Purchase Reasons of existing Purchasers will be updated to the new ones.

13 - Click on New Purchase Reasons and add the same purchase reasons with the prefix of ‘Non-Resident - ’ instead of ‘Resident - ’.

Example: If you have only the default purchase reasons, you should have the following:

  • Non-Resident – Investment Property
  • Non-Resident – Primary Residence
  • Non-Resident – Secondary
  • Residence Resident – Investment Property
  • Resident – Primary Residence
  • Resident – Secondary Residence


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