Record Non-Resident Property Transfer Tax Information

Record Non-Resident Property Transfer Tax Information

1 - Log into the Inventory Center.

2 - Click on a unit.

3 - Under Purchasers, click on Assign.

4 - Using the Search for box, search for the Purchaser and select.

5 - Under Selected Purchaser, click on the drop-down beside Purchase Reason and select the appropriate ‘Non-Resident’ option.

6 - Select Purchaser Type and Sales Rep if needed and Save.

7 - Do this for each purchaser, if there is more than one.

8 - Click on either Contract or Edit.

9 - Complete the FINTRAC fields under Additional Information, being sure to include each purchaser’s name in the manual entry fields, and Save.

The Inventory Export contains the custom field information. Hover over Inventory at the top of the page and select Inventory Export. Access the CSV file by clicking on Downloads.

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