About Sales Center Home Page

About Sales Center Home Page

The Sales Center Home Page gives you instant access to activities, appointments, registrant lists, recent mass mailings, and deposits due (if applicable). Use the Search bar to quickly find specific registrants, projects, and user roles. Access the Help Center for instructional videos and documentation, and manage your user preferences.

You will see two menu bars at the top of the page. The first row of menu items give you access to functionality related to your project while the second row of items allows you to quickly add an activity or appointment for a registrant, and access other projects to which you are assigned.

  1. Lasso – Access Lasso Landing page. 
  2. Centers – Access Mail, Client Admin, Project Admin, Inventory, and Sale Center Home Pages.
  3. Registrants – Add, search for, and import registrants; access registrant exports; manage duplicates; access realtor database (if applicable).
  4. Lists – Access custom lists and groups as well as built-in lists.
  5. Reports – Access Sales Center reports such as traffic and history.
  6. Marketing – Manage Email Templates, Campaigns, and Media Spend. 
  7. Quick Search – Search for projects, roles, or registrants by typing the first few letters of the name.
  8. Help – Access the Help Center containing instructional videos and documentation.
  9. User Preferences – Set your preferences related to email, language, time zone, and display as well as change your password.
  10. Activity – Add an activity for a registrant.
  11. Appointment – Add an appointment for a registrant.
  12. Project – Click on the project name to return to the Sales Center home page or click on the dropdown to go to another project.

The panels display the activities and appointments that need to be completed, various registrant lists including saved custom lists and groups, stats for recent mass mailings, and deposits due (if using Inventory Center).


  1. Activities – Number of activities to be completed. Click through specific activities to see the registrants for whom the activity needs to be completed; access profiles; reschedule or delete activities; send email activities.
  2. Appointments – Appointments to be completed. Click on appointment to complete, update, or cancel. Click on a registrant's name to open their profile.
  3. My Registrants by Rating – Number of your assigned registrants by rating. Click through ratings or numbers to registrant lists; perform actions on lists.
  4. Custom Lists (Dynamic Lists) – Saved custom registrant lists and predefined (built-in) registrant lists. Create new custom lists; click through to saved custom lists; manage lists and sharing; click through to predefined (built-in) lists; perform actions on lists.
  5. Groups (Static Lists) – Saved registrant groups. Manage groups; click through to registrant lists; perform actions on lists. 
  6. Mass Mailings – Stats for three most recent mass mailings and/or completed email activities (containing email templates) sent via Sales Center Home Page. Click through to Mass Mail Details Report and Mass Mail Summary Report; click through to registrants lists for Opened, Unopened, and Failed mass mailings; select to see stats for mass mails and/or email activities completed via the Sales Center Home Page (therefore sent via Lasso’s mass mail server).
  7. Deposit Stats – Upcoming and overdue deposit numbers. This will show only  if you are using the Inventory Center to manage your purchasers/contracts. Click through upcoming or overdue numbers to Deposit Details Summary

Note: If you are a Sales Manager/Administrator, you will likely have Home Page permissions which provide you with an Activities by Sales Rep panel where you will be able to click through to activities that need to be completed for each sales rep as well as a Sales Reps panel that will provide you with access to each sales rep's assigned registrant list. Please refer to About the Sales Center Home Page for Sales Managers for more information.