Sales Center - Manage Duplicate Registrants

Sales Center - Manage Duplicate Registrants

Duplicate registrants can be merged in the Sales Center on an individual basis. For each set of duplicates, you will be able to compare and select the data that you want to keep for the merged registrant profile.

1 – On the Sales Center Home Page, click Registrants and select Manage Duplicates.

If you are on the registrant profile, click Duplicates in the top right corner of the page and skip to Step 4.


2 – A list of duplicates will come up based on matches with name or email. The list specifies the Number of Duplicates for each possible duplicate and the Type of duplicate, whether it is a Name Duplicate or Email Duplicate.

Note: If registrants match on both name and  email, they will be listed twice.

3 – Click on a name or email address under Name in the list. A new window will pop up containing the list of possible duplicates for your selection.

4 – You will be taken to the page that lists the possible duplicates for the registrant. If all the registrants in the list are the same person, check the box at the top to select all. If not all are duplicates, check the boxes beside the appropriate names.

5 – Click on Next Step.

6 – The details for each profile you selected will appear side by side. All options for the profile on the far left are selected by default.  Go through each section - Registrant Base, Registrant Info, and Questions, and select the data you want to keep from each.

7 – Once you have selected the data you want to keep, click Merge Registrants.

The merged registrant profile will come up with the details you selected. The Duplicate Merge will be listed in the History section.