FAQs - Search Email Field in Custom Lists

FAQs - Search Email Field in Custom Lists

The Email field in the Custom Lists area of Lasso allows you to search for registrants based on the email addresses in their profiles.
For example, if you enter hotmail in the Email Search field, Lasso will bring up a list of all registrants who have a Hotmail account. You might use this when you want to send an opt-in request to all registrants with a Hotmail email address in Lasso.

1 – In the Sales Center, click Lists and select Create custom list from the dropdown OR click on the + button in the Custom Lists panel of the Sales Center Home Page.

2 – Under the Other Information section, enter your search term, such as hotmail in the Email space.
3 – Click Go.

This will bring up a list of registrants whose email addresses contain the search terms.

Note: The search is performed on all  email addresses associated to a registrant.