Create Automated Mass Mail Marketing Campaign

Create Automated Mass Mail Marketing Campaign

Note: The registrant list and email template for the mass mail must be created prior  to scheduling the Campaign. 

1 - Click into the Sales Center .

2 - Click Marketing and select Campaigns.

3 - In the New Campaign section, under Details, enter a Name and Description for your Campaign.

4 - Under Duration, select a Start Date and End Date for when the Campaign is to begin and end.

5 - Under Objectives, enter a dollar amount in the Budget and/or Actual Cost fields if desired. (You can go back to enter the Actual Cost at a later date as well.)

6 - The Status is Active as default. Select Pending if the Mass Mail is not ready to be sent. You can change the status to Complete or Cancelled when appropriate.

Note: The Status does not change automatically.

7 - Click Save.

8 - Once you have saved your campaign, it will appear in the list of Campaigns on the left of the screen. Before moving on to the next step, ensure that your registrant list and email template have been created.

9 - To set up the automatic mailing, click on the name of the campaign in the list to bring up the details and, under Events, click on Add Mailing.

10 - In the Send Time boxes, select the date and time to send the mass mail.

11 - In the Template box, select the Email Template from the dropdown. Remember, the email template must be created prior in order for it to appear in the dropdown.

12 - Beside Send to Primary Email Only?, leave the default as Yes so that registrants do not receive multiple emails.

13  - Under Custom Lists or Groups, select the registrant list that is to receive the mass mail. Remember, the registrant list must be created prior in order for it to appear in this section.

14 - Click Save.

For additional mailings, repeat steps 9-12 for as many as needed. 

Note: Before sending a Mass Mail, be sure you have tested it by sending to yourself or other test accounts first!

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