Add Media Spend

Add Media Spend

1 - Click into the Sales Center Sales Center.

2 - Click Marketing and select Media Spend.

3 - Click on the dropdown in the Question box, select the question you would like to add to Media Spend, and enter any applicable comments in the Comments box.
4 - Click on the Save button Sales Center.

5 - This adds the selected question as a Media Spend Category. Click on the green plus button to the left of Spends to enter the specific types of media and the associated details.

6 - In the Answer box, click on the dropdown and select the answer that corresponds to the media type you want to track.
7 - In the Spend box, type the dollar amount of the cost of the media answer you selected.
8 - In the Date Range boxes, select the start and end dates in the calendar that appears.
9 - In the Comments box, enter any comments that apply.
10 - When you have entered the details, click on the Save button to the left of the Answer box.

11 - Add as many Spends as required by clicking on the green plus button, entering the details, and clicking the Save button to the left of the Answer box.

Note: You must save each Spend entry individually. Once a Spend is saved, it will display the red X in place of the Save button.

Once you’ve added your Media Spends, you can track their effectiveness by viewing the Media Spend Report.

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