Sales Center - Add Registrant

Sales Center - Add Registrant

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1 – In the Sales Center Sales Center, click Registrants and select Add.


2 – Enter the registrant’s First Name and Last Name (these fields are required), and any other details.

Note: The system will not accept an email address that matches an email associated to a user in Lasso. For example, if you are entering a test registrant and want to enter the project email that is set up for you in Lasso, the form will not save.

3 - Note that Walk In is the default source type.

Note: Any source type containing the word "walk" will automatically generate a Visit history. Please refer to About Source Types Containing "Walk".

4 – Click Create Registrant.

Note: If the name or email address you have entered matches any registrants already in the database, you will see a notification of Possible Duplicates at the top of the Add Registrant form and a list of the Possible Duplicates at the bottom. Clicking on a name in the list at the bottom will take you to the registrant profile.


5 – You will be taken to the Edit page for the newly added registrant. Enter additional information such as answers to questions if applicable. Your entries will be saved automatically. Click on Back to Profile to manage Activities or History.


About Source Types Containing "Walk"

When a registrant is added with a source type of Walk In or any custom source type containing the word "walk" via the Add Registrant form in Lasso, a history entry of Visit is automatically generated. This feature is only available when the registrant is entered directly in the application. The Visit history type indicates the first visit made by a registrant. The automatically generated history entry will display in the registrant profile with the subject of Registration Visit. Clicking on the history entry will provide the following details: "This history item was automatically generated by the registrant add function, due to the registrant source type containing the word "walk" (as in Walk In).


The newly added registrant profile will display the information you added as well as possible duplicates, activities automatically created via Sales Process, and Visit history automatically generated for those registrants with a source type of Walk In or custom source type containing the word "walk".