Create Custom List

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Create Custom List

You can create your own registrant lists in Lasso using the Custom List functionality. This allows you to create a list of registrants from the database with a selected set of criteria. If you want to access the same lists on a regular basis, you can save them and they will appear on your Sales Center Home Page. Once you've saved a list, you can share it with other users. 

Note: A Custom List is dynamic, meaning that each time it is generated, registrants will be added or removed from the original list according to the list criteria. A Group is static, meaning it contains only the original list of registrants each time it is generated, regardless of whether the selected criteria still applies to the registrants within the Group or new registrants match the criteria. Registrants in a Group can only be added or removed manually. Please refer to About Custom Registrant Lists and Groups for more information.

1 - On the Sales Center Home Page, click on Lists and select Create custom list from the dropdown OR click on the + button in the Custom Lists panel.


This brings up the custom list page which allows you to select the criteria on which you want to base your registrant list. Each field is optional. For example, if you don't specify any criteria, Lasso will pull all of your registrants. If you specify a source type of Online Registrant, a list of only those registrants with a source type of Online Registrant will be pulled from the database. The more criteria you specify, the more targeted your list will be.

You can select criteria from:

Dates – Registrant Created Date, Registration Date, Last Visit Date, Last Contact Date, Last Activity Date, Activity Date, Reservation Date, Mass Mail Date, Rating Change Date
Questions – Questions associated to the Project
Mass Mail Status – Failed, Pending, Sent, Not Sent
Project Information – User-created Registrant Groups, Sales Reps
Contact Information – Contact Preference, Opted Status, Contact Details, Contact Type, Activity Type
Sales Details – Rating, Follow-up Process, Registrant Status, Source Type, Secondary Source Type, Working with a Realtor, who the Registrants were entered by, Campaigns
Basic Information – Name Title, Gender, Company, Relationships
Address Information – City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country
Other Information – Notes

Note: To do a wildcard search, use %.

2 - Select your criteria.

Note: To select more than one option in a single field, hold down the Ctrl key. The green check Sales Center beside each heading means that the registrant list generated will include only those registrants with the selected criteria. If you click on the green check Sales Center, it will change to a red x Sales Center. This means that the registrant list generated will exclude registrants with the selected criteria.

For example, in the Rating section, you select A and B:

a) With Sales Center and A and B selected, a list will be generated containing only those registrants with A and B Ratings.

b) If you change Sales Center to Sales Center, and A and B are selected, a list will be generated containing all registrants with Ratings other than A and B.

3 - If you want to save your list so that you can access it at any time from your Sales Center Home Page, enter a name in the Save list as text field. If you don't need to save it, leave the Save list as field blank.
4 - Click Go.


A Registrant list will be generated based on the selected criteria. If you saved the list, it will be accessible on the Sales Center Home Page in the Custom Lists section.

Clicking on the saved list will open it in a new browser window.