Create Group

Create Group

Note: A Group list is static, meaning it contains only the original list of registrants each time it is generated, regardless of whether the selected criteria still applies to the registrants within the group or new registrants match the criteria. Registrants in a Group can only be added or removed manually. A Custom List is dynamic, meaning that each time it is generated, registrants will be added or removed from the original list according to the list criteria. Please refer to About Custom Registrant Lists and Groups for more information.

1 - Click into the Sales Center Sales Center.

2 - Click Lists and select Create groups OR click on the  button in the Groups panel of the Sales Center Home Page.


3 - Type the name of the Group in the space provided beside Create a New Group Called.
4 - Click Go.

This will create a new Group to which you can begin to add registrants.

Note: You can edit the name of the Group by clicking on the pencil Sales Center beside its name or delete it by clicking on the red x Sales Center.

5 - Pull up a registrant list or create a custom list.

6 - Select the registrants that you want to add to the Group by checking the boxes beside their names in the list or click on Select All to select everyone.

6 - Click on Perform Action above the list.
7 - Select Groups - Add to.

7 - In the popup window, check the box beside the name of the Group to which you want to add the registrants. The spaces provided below the Group name allow you to create new groups on the spot.

8 - Click Save. You will receive notification in your Inbox once the Registrants have been added to your Group.

Groups can be viewed and managed in the Groups panel of the Sales Center Home Page. Click on the Group name to generate the list OR click Lists and select the group.


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