Import Realtors (applicable if using Inventory Center)

Import Realtors (applicable if using Inventory Center)

If you are using Lasso's Inventory Center, the Realtor database in the Sales Center Sales Center provides you with a separate area to house realtors and allows you to associate them to registrants and inventory. Once realtors have been imported into the Realtor database, they can then be easily transferred to the registrant database so that they are accessible in both areas of the project. If the same realtors pertain to other projects, you will need to import them into each applicable project and subsequently transfer the realtors to each project's registrant database. 

Important points to note:

  • The required format for importing data into Lasso is a flat file, i.e. each row contains one unique record with all data associated to that record in a single row.
  • Associated data for each unique record should include only the data that is to be imported into Lasso, i.e. only desired data.

To Download the Realtor Import Template:

1 – Click into the Sales Center Sales Center.
2 – Click Registrants and select Realtors.

3 – Click on the Import Outside Realtors icon in the third row of menu items.


4 – Click on Download Template.


5 – This will load the template to an Excel CSV (Comma Separated Value) file. Open it and save it to your computer, keeping the CSV format. In Row 1 of the template, you will see column headings for the fields related to Outside Realtors.

Note: Do not remove any of the column headings. Just leave them blank if you don’t need them.

6 – Beginning in Row 2, copy or enter your data into the appropriate cells for each record. If data is not entered into a cell in the file, the field in Lasso will remain blank.

Note: The First Name and Last Name columns are required fields and must be completed. If there is no data in these fields for any of the records, when the file is loaded, the data for that row will not load into the project database.


7 – When the import template is complete, save it as an Excel CSV file on your computer.

To Import the Completed Template:

1 – Click into the Sales Center salescentericon.
2 – Click on Outside Realtors among the menu items at the top of your screen.

3 – Click on the Import Outside Realtors icon in the third row of menu items.


4 – In the Import File field, browse for your completed import file and select it.

5 – Beside Allow Duplicate Emails, select Yes to allow more than one record containing the same email address to be imported. Select No to allow only the first record to be imported. There could be different Outside Realtors with the same email address (e.g. husband and wife team) so it is recommended to select Yes

6 – Click on the Import icon in the third row from the top.


7 – Once the import process is initiated, the system will indicate that:

  • The import is in progress and you will receive an email notification in your Lasso Inbox when it’s complete;


  • You have errors in your file and you will need to fix them in the template and re-import.

8 – To view the list of Realtors in the Realtor database, click on Outside Realtors at the top of your screen.

Note: See also Transfer Realtors to the Registrant Database.