Sales Center - Search for Registrant

Sales Center - Search for Registrant

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Note: A percent sign (%) acts as a wildcard search. Enter % before your search criteria to search for all results with the criteria in the details.

To quickly locate a registrant in the Sales Center, you have two options:

1 – Type the first few letters/digits of the registrant’s first or last name, nickname, company, email address, or phone number into the Quick Search bar. As you type, the names of registrants that match the criteria you are entering will appear in a dropdown. Click on a name to go to the registrant profile.

2 – Click Advanced search at the bottom of the list to search on more detail.

You can also bring up the Advanced search page by clicking Registrants at the top of the Sales Center Home Page and selecting Search

On the Advanced search page, enter the criteria for your search, e.g. Last Name, and click on the Search button (above Basic Search section or below Date Range section).

Lasso returns the results of its search by listing all matching registrant records on the Registrant Search screen. Click on the name of the registrant for whom you want to access the details. (If there is only one registrant that matches the criteria you entered, you will be taken directly to the registrant’s profile.)