Delete Realtor from Realtor Database

Delete Realtor from Realtor Database

1 - Click into the Sales Center Sales Center.
2 - Click Registrants and select Realtors.

3 - There are two ways to delete realtors:

a) In the list, check the box(es) beside the realtor(s) that you want to delete and click Delete above the list.

b) Pull up the realtor profile by clicking on the name in the list or entering data into any of the search fields. Click on Delete in the realtor profile.

4 - A message will pop up asking if you’re sure you want to delete the Outside Realtor(s). Click OK.

Note: If a realtor you want to delete has assigned registrants or inventory, you will be unable to delete the realtor until all associations have been removed. The associations will be listed on the right side of their profile.

Deleting a realtor will permanently remove the realtor and all associated details from the project.