What Are You Doing Wrong with Your CRM? (April 2018)

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CRM is much more than a contact management system, yet many companies struggle with implementation and truly understanding the data they can get out of it to maximize their return.

This webinar is jammed-packed with strategies and tactics to help you love your CRM and the data and analytics that you should be getting out of it. We'll explore the cost of a lead and the number of leads needed to achieve goals.  We'll also review the results of the 2018 Online Lead Follow-Up Survey conducted by Lasso and Builder Partnerships.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to read the data you are getting from your CRM and what you should do with it
  • What realistic goals can be set and what success looks like (hint: it's not always about the sales)
  • Solve the ongoing challenges of following up with prospects, understanding the opposing views of sales managers and agents
  • Create a sales process that sales agents will follow
  • Understand the importance of being flexible: technology changes, messaging changes, interactions change - refresh regularly

Presented by Dave Betcher with Lasso CRM. Hosted by Monica Wheaton with Builder Partnerships.