Social Media Marketing for Your Business (May 2018)

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The world has changed. It is no longer enough to just be online. The competition is fierce for eyes on site, and having a cohesive strategy is vital to success. You’ve got to catch prospects’ attention and keep it long enough to convert them.

This 1-hour webinar gives tips and advice for building and maintaining an effective, long-term marketing strategy with social media as a focus. It is designed to help companies think strategically about social media and how it fits within the “big picture.” 

Carol Morgan, founder and president of Denim Marketing, will take a deep dive into the 'why' of social media while providing big picture marketing strategy. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create instant value
  • Get to the right audience
  • Start a conversation today for sales tomorrow

Hosted by Lasso's Angela McKay.

This webinar is based on the book written by Carol Morgan with the same name, Social Media Marketing for Your Business. Published by Builder Books, the book is available at, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.