AltasRTX Integration with Lasso

AltasRTX Integration with Lasso

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About AtlasRTX Integration with Lasso

AltasRTX uses A.I. chatbots, along with human-assisted interactions, to communicate with prospects through real-time conversations and interactive surveys. When Lasso is integrated with AtlasRTX, chat history is automatically recorded to Lasso.

To integrate Lasso with AtlasRTX, access to API Integration Tokens is needed. This is only available to users with a Project Admin role and the Integrations permission. Please note that there is a fee for this service.

Important Notes:

  • Chat history is automatically recorded to Lasso when communication is done through AltasRTX.
  • Lasso must be set up on as a one-to-one Lasso project to AtlasRTX
  • A customer must be entered into Lasso as a registrant with a Source Type of Walk In. This will trigger a push into AtlasRTX.
  • Customers must be entered into Lasso with a 10-digit phone number.
  • If a customer already exists in AtlaxRTX with the same phone number as a newly entered registrant in Lasso, the customer will not be pushed to AtlasRTX.
  • When a customer is pushed from Lasso to AtlasRTX, a text will be sent to the customer asking them to rate their level of interest in the AtlasRTX location that is aligned with the Lasso project. Communication can be viewed in the Message Customer section of a customer profile in AtlasRTX and the History section of a registrant profile in Lasso.
  • Changes made to contact details in Lasso are not reflected in AtlasRTX and changes made in AtlasRTX are not reflected in Lasso.

AtlasRTX Customer Profile


Lasso Registrant Profile


Set Up AtlasRTX Integration with Lasso

Setting up the integration is a two-step process:

Generate an API Token

1 – On the Lasso Home Page, scroll to Project Admin and click More….

2 – Select API Integration Tokens.

3 – Click Generate New API Token.

4 – In the Generate Token for Project field, select the project.

5 – In the Vendor field, select AtlasRTX.

6 – Please read the Notice below the Generate button. This is what you will be charged for the integration. If you have questions about the fee, please contact your Lasso Client Director.

7 – If you have read the Notice regarding the fee and are ready to move ahead, click Generate.

Note: Only one API token per project/vendor combination can be generated. This will be noted below the Generate button if you are attempting to generate an API token using an existing project/vendor combination.

8The project/vendor combination will be added to the list. Click Show Key.

9 – Click Copy to Clipboard.

10 – Paste the key into an email along with the Lasso project name, and send to your AltasRTX contact, who will provide the webhook information.

Configure Webhook

11 – On the API Integration Tokens page, select the token and click Configure Webhook

12 – In the POST URL field, enter the URL as provided by AtlasRTX.

13 – In the Authentication Type field, select the type as provided by AtlasRTX.

14 – If you would like to include or exclude registrants based on selected ratings, click Registrant Rating Filter. If not, click Save Changes.

15 – Click Registrant Rating Filter to turn the filter on.

16 – The filter’s default is set to include registrants with the selected ratings. Click the settings button to change from Inclusive to Exclusive.

17 – Select the ratings you want to include or exclude, depending on your settings selection, and click Save Changes.

You should now be able to connect Lasso registrants with AtlasRTX.

Connect Lasso Registrant with AtlasRTX

The customer must first be added to Lasso as a registrant with a Source Type of Walk In. This will push the customer to AtlasRTX.

1 – In the Sales Center, click Registrants and select Add.


2 – Select Walk In as the Source Type if it is not already selected (Walk In is selected by default).

3 – Enter a 10-digit phone number for the customer. This is required for AtlasRTX as a text message is sent as soon as the customer is pushed from Lasso to AtlasRTX.

4 – Click Create Registrant.


The customer will be added as a registrant in Lasso.


A text message will be sent to the customer from AtlasRTX.


5 – Log into AtlasRTX.


6 – Click Customers.


7 – Find the customer in AtlasRTX by entering the name, phone, or email of the registrant as entered in Lasso and click Look Up. This will display a list of all customers that match the criteria that was entered.

8 - Click on Message Customer. You will see the initial text message along with a note indicating that a Lasso Registrant was created.


Once the customer responds to the text, they will be sent a second text. All communication can be viewed by clicking Message Customer.


You will also see the communication in the registrant’s profile in Lasso.


Click View Engagement in the History item to view the customer in AtlasRTX.


Pull Custom List of Registrants Who Have Responded to AtlasRTX Texts

1 – On the Sales Center Home Page , click the green plus button in the Custom Lists panel.


2 – On the Custom Lists page, select AtlasRTX in the Contact Type to pull a list of all registrants that have responded to AtlasRTX texts. Select a start and end date in the Contact Date section to pull a list of registrants that have responded in the selected date range.