FAQs - Transferring Project from One Client to Another (Data Migration)

FAQs - Transferring Project from One Client to Another (Data Migration)

A project data migration involves transferring a project from one client database to another in Lasso. There are a few important things to note regarding data migrations:

1 - The client whose database houses the project must agree to allow the data to be migrated to a new Lasso database as well as specify the data that is to be migrated, e.g. email templates, sales processes, all registrants or only certain registrants, etc.

2 - Prior to data migration, a new project and client is set up with all relevant users, questions/answers, custom fields, email templates, sales processes, etc. Data mapping may be needed if the new setup is different from the original. These items will be reviewed with your Lasso Client Director.

3 - Registration page(s) and integrations must be connected to the new project, and website tracking set up.

4 - A data migration for a single project generally takes approximately a day or two to complete, depending on the amount of data and complexity of the migration. On the day of migration (or days if needed), users must not make any entries, updates, etc. to anything in the original project in Lasso. If there are changes made to the original project on the day of migration, they will not be reflected in the new project.

5 - Data migrations are fee-based. 

6 - Not all data can be migrated to the new project. 

Sales Center items that are not  included:

  • Activities and appointments that have not  been completed (completed activities and appointments are imported as history)
  • History comments and email bodies; history migration includes date/time, history type, and subject only (Note: If a user checked the box beside Copy to Notes when adding history, the comments will be part of Notes.

In the below example of a history entry, the green highlighted areas are included in the migration. The red highlighted area is not. The yellow highlighted area is included in Notes if the user checked the box when adding the history.


  • Relationships (these must be manually entered following migration)
  • Outside realtor phone numbers other than Work Phone
  • Outside realtor associations (these must be manually entered following migration)
  • Reservations
  • Mass mail reporting
  • Website analytics reporting
  • Saved custom lists and groups
  • SSRUs
  • Media Spend entries
  • Stored documents

Inventory Center items that are not  included:

  • Individual deposits (only total deposits and total deposits received will show for each unit)
  • Cancelled deals history
  • Sales Rep commissions
  • Realtor commissions
  • Subject status details
  • Stored documents

Please discuss with data migrations with your Client Director.