Lasso Data Export Service

Lasso Data Export Service

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What is the Lasso Data Export Service?

The Lasso Data Export Service is a nightly export of your data that provides you with access to raw data files in the form of Parquet or CSV and allows you to connect your data to a reporting tool you are currently using or want to use.


Why use the Lasso Data Export Service?

While standard reports in Lasso attempt to answer the majority of your business questions, you may find yourself wanting to drill down deeper into your data and create reports that answer some questions unique to your company and processes. The Lasso Data Export service makes your data accessible so that you can create your own metrics and get the additional information you need to make better business decisions.

Use the export to:

  • Drill down further into the data to examine things like the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, sales funnels, conversions, time to first contact, etc.
  • Push Lasso data into a more robust reporting tool/Business Intelligence(BI) software
  • Sync Lasso data with contract management software
  • Get exactly the data needed
  • Eliminate the need to manually export data from Lasso and import into a spreadsheet
  • Back up Lasso data

How can the Lasso Data Export be used?

There are 3 ways to use the Lasso Data Export Service:

1 - Use the raw data files to create your own reports. For example, you could load the data into an Excel template.

2 - Connect the data to a business intelligence tool via an analytical database hosted internally, such as AWS Athena or Google BigQuery.

Recommended connections are:

3 - Have Lasso create custom reports for you. Custom reports are created in Tableau and require the Lasso Data Export Service.

Examples of tools Lasso clients are using with the Lasso Data Export:

What is the file format of the Lasso Data Export?

The data is exported via Parquet or CSV file format. Parquet files are supported by many database systems, such as Microsoft SQL Server or Hadoop. If you have an IT team, they may want to work with these files directly. Otherwise, CSV files can be opened with almost any analytical software suite, including Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

How are dates Handled in the Lasso Data Export?

Please note that the dates in the export are in Unix time, which is the number of seconds that have elapsed since midnight, January 1st, 1970, and the timezone is UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Unix time can be converted to date/time in Excel.

How is the Lasso Data Export delivered?

The files, whether they are in Parquet or CSV file format, can be delivered to your FTP site or AWS S3. You will need to provide your Lasso Client Director with the login credentials of the destination.

What is the frequency of the Lasso Data Export?

The export is a daily summary scheduled to run once a day, at midnight UTC. The data contained in the dataset is up to the moment of export. The data is NOT real-time.

Is the Lasso Data Export a full dataset or incremental?

The data exported is always a full dataset. An incremental dataset cannot be provided.

Is there a fee for the Lasso Data Export?

There is a monthly fee for the Lasso Data Export. Please contact your Lasso Client Director for details.