Sales Center - Sales Manager Training (Nov. 2018)

Sales Center - Sales Manager Training (Nov. 2018)

A Winning Calculation: Insightful Selling & Coaching

What are the five things you should be doing in Lasso as a Sales Manager? How do you extract the right information to best understand how your team is doing? We will help you uncover the most important metrics and information you need to develop a high-performing team, including:

  • Understanding your setup and what can be customized. We will cover some of the basics in Lasso, including: Ratings, Questions, Source Types, and History 
  • Review the importance of Sales Process and how it works; and why you need to revisit it. Does your sales process accurately reflect what the new home buyer needs at their point in the process? And importantly, is your sales team using it? 
  • Reporting: What data is most important? How do I find what I need? 
  • Understanding the Prospect Profile 
  • Segmenting your lists & the Sales Center Home Page 

Watch this 1-hr session hosted by Lasso's VP of Consulting, Dave Betcher