Pull Registrant List of Assignments for CSAIR

Pull Registrant List of Assignments for CSAIR

The Condo and Strata Association Integrity Register (CSAIR) is an online database containing comprehensive information on the assignments of purchase agreements of pre-sale condo and strata lots. Please refer to Complying with CSAIR for more information. Developers who market residential strata lots are responsible for providing specific information, on a quarterly basis, to the CSAIR on all assignments of pre-sale condo and strata lots.

If you are recording the information required for CSAIR in Lasso, you can pull the information via custom list as long as a question has been set up to identify registrants with assignments. Please refer to Create Questions to Record Required CSAIR Information for more information on creating questions for CSAIR.

Following is an example of how you would pull a list of assignments based on a question of Purchaser Type with radio button answers of Assignor and Assignee.

Create a custom registrant list and export

1 – On the Sales Center Home Page, click the + button in the Custom Lists panel.


2 – On the Custom List page, under Questions, find your Purchaser Type question and select Assignor to pull all assignors or Assignee to pull all assignees.

3 – If you want to save your list so that you can access it at any time from your Sales Center Home Page, enter a name in the Save list as text field. If you don't need to save it, leave the Save list as field blank.

4 – Click Go.


A list of registrants will be generated based on the criteria you selected.

5 – Click Select All so that all registrants are checked.

6 – Click Export.


7 – Click Export CSV.


8 – Click OK to start the export.

9 – A message will come up indicating that you will be sent an email when the export is complete.

10 – Once you receive notification that the export is complete, click Registrants on the Sales Center Home Page and select Export.

Note: Be sure to wait until you receive the email notification that the file is complete before you download it.


11 – You will see your CSV file listed under Export Files. Click to open.


 12 – Add columns to the CSV file as needed for CSAIR, such as birthdate, SIN, etc. Do not add this type of sensitive information in Lasso.