Connecting with Buyers Throughout the Home Buying Journey (Oct. 2018)

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Today nearly 100% of home buyers are influenced by online search. Whether it is browsing listing directories, researching via Google, or filling out a form on a community website, digital technology shapes how our prospects find, communicate with, and relate to home builders.

In this 45-minute webinar, Melissa Morman, Chief Experience Officer of BDX, will walk us through the home buyer journey and help us understand how technology and great customer experience go hand-in-hand to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

You will:

  • Learn how different technologies are influencing home buyer decisions at each stage of the buyer journey
  • Discover how the online and offline worlds work together during the home shopping experience
  • See the buying processes through the different “lenses” of Customer Experience – creating the X Factor
  • Hear about builders who are making all the right moves when it comes to their digital strategy

Hosted by Lasso’s Dave Betcher.